The Silence Is Loud

More often than not, I cannot hear God; and more often than not, I’m frustrated by that. But it’s not so much about hearing Him as it is about noticing Him and understanding Him. If faith were dependent upon hearing God, few of us would have a fighting chance. We’re not guaranteed to hear Him, and neither do we need to. God doesn’t tell me very much, but He does give me the most meaningful glances. Sometimes one look says more than words ever could, and that is the essence of how God and I communicate. When I am in pain, and there are no words accurate enough for how I feel, my soul turns to Him with a look that says it all, and He understands. In reply, He offers me the most compassionate gaze, one so tender and intimate that it is almost a physical embrace. When I am exhausted and frustrated, and God cannot get a word in edgewise from all of my complaining; my soul looks to Him with a reluctant sort of surrender. He, in turn, gazes back into my soul, eyes full of love, as a Father Who knows that His little girl has no idea how much He loves her. A picture is only worth a thousand words, but the eyes of the Holy One speak for days.


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