A “Leap” Of Faith


This “leap” of faith is not puddle jumping, it’s free falling, and it’s terrifying. Those of you who thrive on the physical thrill and adrenaline rush of such a dive, I doubt you can say the same of the emotional and spiritual free fall. It’s one thing to risk your body and another to risk your heart. The physical free fall is expressive and chosen, while the emotional free fall is personal and out of your control. So why succumb to the torture of uncertainty? Well, for one thing, that view. The free fall offers perspective. It brings you outside of yourself to breathe. You now see what you otherwise could not; that reality is bigger than the little room of your thoughts, and simply existing has merit to itself. I find such relief in that. The human tendency to be narrow-minded is altogether unavoidable. We expect our faith to be a life in the clouds, then feel deceived when we’re pushed out of them; but it is those very clouds that deceive us, those of our own pride. Faith is found when we escape the clouds and commit to that invigorating plunge that is trusting in the Lord.


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