One Reason


“If you consult your heart in all honesty, you will know why there is only one reason why you are not even now a saint: you wholly do not want to be.”

–William Law


3 thoughts on “One Reason”

  1. True, I noticed that in the past, there are a resistance, but I think it is not in the heart, but in the mind, is a resistance of mind.

    But the question now is: why? Clearly, if all we become saints, the world become a nice site for to live, now this is not true, is enough to watch the daily news on TV for realize it. To be saints is to be practical and pragmatical, for we can achieve a better world for to live.

    So, which is the source of our resistance against to be a saints? Fear maybe? Ignorance?

    1. I think the source of our resistance is pride. Each of us has the opportunity and ability to become saints after we die, but a saint is made by how he lives. I think most of us are not ready to let go of the sins, the flaws, and the distractions that keep us from holiness. I also think that pride is effective in the mind, but originates in the heart. The heart is known as the center for desire, and I think we desire to live as we choose instead of living as God sees best. If we could only let go of our selfishness, I think we could be exceedingly happy. What do you think?

      1. Hmm, I only can say in my side it was fear, fear of lost myself, fear of to be destruct. Because “… he said, you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.” And true, there is desire too, as you say, selfish desire to live and enjoy a “normal” life. And I’m agree: if we could let go of our selfishness, a superlative happiness comes to fill us. But, our personality and our selfishness are inseparable, and we have fear to lose our personality because is what we believe to be. This believe is in our mind, not in our heart. So, for me, the main obstacle is in our believes, in our mind. The heart wants to love, basically.

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