Not According To Plan


If you’ve ever had a plan fall through, you have questions. You want to know why. “Lord, what are you doing? I thought I understood you; now I’m not so sure.” Any possibility of insight, must begin with humbling ourselves. The Lord knows exactly what He’s doing. Just because it’s good, doesn’t mean it’s for you. We need to eradicate the illusion that we are entitled to anything, as if we somehow deserve what we want. Where did we get that from? Think about it. Do we deserve anything after putting Love to death by crucifixion? We are entitled to nothing but our own opinion, and that won’t get us far. It is mercy that has offered us many second chances. How can we question the Lord’s intentions when we are forgiven each time we confess from the heart? How can we wonder if He loves, seeing what He did to earn us heaven? What a redeemer! And yet, we accuse Him of making mistakes in our lives. For shame. It seems we are more concerned with getting our way then we are with discovering what an encounter with Love feels like. Do we not understand that His divine will satisfies? Do we not understand that He will take care of us? When will we learn? What will it take? He already did it all! How dare we say it’s not enough. That plan we painstakingly constructed and adorned in our minds — if it was supposed to happen, it would have. You are altogether unwilling to believe it can get any better than you had planned. Shed the hindrance of expectation; it has done you every disservice. Then ask yourself why you can’t seem to trust the most trustworthy being in existence.


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