Stop Trying So Hard


I love authenticity. I don’t want to be told what I want to hear, I want truth. I want people to be real with me. Most people have a sixth sense for artificial emotion, imitation politeness, and pseudo personalities. They don’t want to be treated like an audience, they want the real you. The Lord feels similarly. I’ve made the mistake of putting up a front before the Lord; I try so hard to live flawlessly for His sake, and it’s exhausting. I’m missing the point. He wants me to speak my mind. He is begging me to be real with Him. He does not want the scripted me; the one that thinks of God as an audience. He intends for my relationship with Him to be so close that my every action is full of Him. I never walk alone; His step is always within my own. Yes, He lets our walls break down, but only because they’re not doing us any favors. They are keeping us from meeting Him in authenticity. The Lord doesn’t want you to pretend to be anyone; He wants you to come as you are. I find Him saying, “Give Me your half-prepared day. I want the fear you try to hide. I want every disappointment. I want the loneliness you poorly conceal. I want all of you. The raw you. The real you.” We can let our guard down with Him. He doesn’t want the me that I want to be; He wants the me that I am. We don’t have to keep up appearances; we don’t have to be inspiring. What we must be… is ourselves, and allow our Lord to in every way be a part of it. Let us not overthink what it means to live. Let us simply love our Lord and draw ever nearer to Him with each passing moment.


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