When I Love My God


β€œIt is not physical beauty nor temporal glory nor the brightness of light dear to earthly eyes, nor the sweet melodies of all kinds of songs, nor the gentle odor of flowers, and ointments and perfumes, nor manna or honey, nor limbs welcoming the embraces of the flesh; it is not these I love when I love my God. Yet there is a light I love, and a food, and a kind of embrace when I love my God β€” a light, voice, odor, food, embrace of my innerness, where my soul is floodlit by light which space cannot contain, where there is sound that time cannot seize, where there is a perfume which no breeze disperses, where there is a taste for food no amount of eating can lessen, and where there is a bond of union that no satiety can part. That is what I love when I love my God.”

— St. Augustine


2013 taught me…

It’s a new year! And I’m curious to hear what you learned from the last one. I’ve been asking friends what 2013 has taught them, and I have received great feedback. 2013 has taught me a lot. First off, I learned that I am in charge of what I allow in my life, but I am not in charge of what happens in my life. I learned not to be afraid of what I want. I found that casual, honest conversation makes everything easier. I realized that I don’t have to prove myself to people; I can just live, and no one will really question that. I noticed that living with expectations will launch your life into confusion. I learned that people care what I think, and I have to be careful of that. I learned that one of the most challenging feats of this world is the simple and daring choice to love someone without certainty of anything. I came to understand that being unattached is a cue to work on your soul. Finally, I learned that I’m not missing out — on anything. I am meant to be right here, right now, and I am meant to flourish in that.

2014, bring it on.

— Julianna

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Your Words Are Life


“Your words to me are life and health;

Pour strength into my soul;

Enable, guide, and teach my heart

To reach its perfect goal.

Your words to me are light and truth;

From day to day they show

Their wisdom, passing earthly lore,

As in their truth I grow.

Your words are perfected in one,

Yourself, the living Word;

Within my heart your image print

In clearest lines, O Lord.”

— Georgie Currie Martin