2013 taught me…

It’s a new year! And I’m curious to hear what you learned from the last one. I’ve been asking friends what 2013 has taught them, and I have received great feedback. 2013 has taught me a lot. First off, I learned that I am in charge of what I allow in my life, but I am not in charge of what happens in my life. I learned not to be afraid of what I want. I found that casual, honest conversation makes everything easier. I realized that I don’t have to prove myself to people; I can just live, and no one will really question that. I noticed that living with expectations will launch your life into confusion. I learned that people care what I think, and I have to be careful of that. I learned that one of the most challenging feats of this world is the simple and daring choice to love someone without certainty of anything. I came to understand that being unattached is a cue to work on your soul. Finally, I learned that I’m not missing out — on anything. I am meant to be right here, right now, and I am meant to flourish in that.

2014, bring it on.

— Julianna

>> Leave me a comment sharing what you learned from 2013.


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