Peace Be With You


       “Because love only resides in peace, always be careful to conserve the holy tranquility of heart that I have so often recommended of you.

       “None of the thoughts that render us anxious and agitated in spirit in any way comes from God, Who is the Prince of Peace. These are the temptations of the enemy and consequently one must reject them and not take them into account.

       “One must everywhere and in everything live peacefully. If pain comes to us, whether internally or exteriorly, one must receive it peacefully. If joy should come to us, one must receive it peacefully, without wincing because of it. Must one run from evil? It must be done peacefully, without being troubled, otherwise, in fleeing, we could fall and give the enemy the leisure to do us in. If one must do good, one must do it peacefully, otherwise we will commit many faults in our eagerness. Even in matters of penance, one must do it peacefully.”


–St. Francis de Sales

(In his letter to the Abbess du Puy d’Orbe)


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