50 Ways To Have A Good Day


  1. Open the curtains.
  2. Forgive yourself.
  3. Fix those broken or bothersome things around your house.
  4. Write a gratitude list.
  5. Take a few slow, deep breaths.
  6. Read this.
  7. Find an inspirational quote that you relate to and write it above your desk.
  8. Look for every occasion to help those around you.
  9. Write down your thoughts.
  10. Use Gain dish soap.
  11. Give them your real smile.
  12. Go to bed an hour earlier.
  13. Look for the good in every situation.
  14. Laugh as often as you can at irony or humor, not people.
  15. Give a strong hug to a great person.
  16. Allow your expectations to melt away.
  17. Be present in each moment.
  18. Don’t think too far ahead.
  19. Initiate meaningful conversation.
  20. Get some fresh flowers for your desk.
  21. Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.
  22. Take a time-out in the middle of your day.
  23. Find silence, and spend AT LEAST ten minutes alone in stillness.
  24. Chew gum instead of mindless snacking.
  25. Laugh when it inconveniently begins to rain.
  26. Stand tall.
  27. Clean your room and/or work space. (Or rearrange it for a fresh perspective.)
  28. Lock your door and dance like a fool.
  29. Listen to that song in the car, and turn it up loud.
  30. Surround yourself with people who encourage you in living a good life.
  31. Eat to be satisfied, not full.
  32. Leave the house 10 minutes earlier.
  33. Compel yourself to exercise today, regardless of how you feel.
  34. Avoid negative conversation.
  35. Ask for help when you need it. Get over yourself and be okay with needing someone.
  36. Put on your favorite underwear.
  37. Have a GOOD cup of coffee or tea. Just how you like it.
  38. Avoid heavy and greasy food as a general rule. It will weigh down your mood.
  39. Use Gain laundry detergent and fabric softener. (You will regret nothing.)
  40. Find an excuse to use candles.
  41. Get outside on the regular.
  42. Wake up 45 minutes earlier.
  43. Use an air freshener in the house.
  44. Focus on maintaining your weight rather than losing it.
  45. Drink an obscene amount of water throughout the day. It’s a miracle for your mood. (Use 0 calorie flavor shots if you hate drinking water.)
  46. Call that person who just understands you.
  47. If you need to cry. Just cry.
  48. Visit this website: 1000awesomethings.com
  49. Read anything Pope Francis has to say.
  50. And for that stubborn mood that won’t let up… first take a nap, then pray your heart out.



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