When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?


I feel most beautiful when I’ve just removed my make up, because I realize how little it actually changes about my face. I feel most beautiful when wearing my favorite perfume, for a beautiful fragrance lifts the mind to optimism. I feel most beautiful wearing clothes that fit me, because I feel no pressure to be other than I already am. I feel most beautiful in the presence of those I trust; for my heart dares to open, and the one across from me proves I am safe to do so. I feel most beautiful after the sacrament of confession, for I am reassured once more that the Lord still wants me. I feel most beautiful when my heart rests before God in Eucharistic adoration. His is the gaze I most want to fill, and all He sees when He looks at me, is the burning love He reserves for me alone.

It seems I feel most beautiful when my heart is comforted for having been loved. I feel most beautiful within the sensible safety of authentic love. Whether it is the unconditional love I receive from another person, or the overdue love I receive from myself; there is a peace, a beauty, and a comfort that comes from a love that is real. This relief of love is most directly found in the true presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. There is no place on earth where my heart feels more safe. No place on earth where I could feel more beautiful, more loved, or more comforted. And sometimes, that is the very reason I avoid it. I know in my sinfulness I don’t deserve it. I allow His goodness to magnify my sinfulness; when instead, I must allow this goodness to magnify His own in me. He has earned for me the privilege of a Love I don’t deserve; and therefore, now I do. To reject the love He died for me to receive; it’s not only pompous, it’s ignorant. Love is all we want in this world; and Christ’s perfect Love is newly accessible to us in each moment of our day. Don’t let another moment pass without returning it.



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