One Former Disney Star Who Is Not Taking Off His Clothes to Grow Up


“For many Disney Channel stars, who as teenagers starred in their own shows and recorded tracks for Hollywood records, the road to ‘adulthood’ is one that often equates sexuality with maturation. Although Miley Cyrus may be the most extreme example of this phenomena, those who have followed this script have included High School Musical alumni Zac Efron (who appeared pulling up his shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone around the time the film’s sequel premiered) and his co-star Vanessa Hudgens, who acted with other Disney prodigy Selena Gomez in last year’s risqué Spring Breakers.

“This is not, however, the path of David Henrie, who fomerly acted alongside Gomez on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’ Recently the filmmaker of the new short ‘Catch,’ Henrie told The Christian Post last week that maturing in Hollywood did not imply that child and teen actors hoping to reshape their careers had to go to extreme lengths to alienate former fans.

“‘I think everyone as they transition out of a younger show wants to transition into a career of acting unless you didn’t like acting and you don’t want to do that anymore,’ explained Henrie. ‘You have to transition out of it and that comes with doing older, more mature roles, but that doesn’t mean doing crazy things that just insult your audience. Your audience has to grow with you.’

“Henrie, 24, said that he had chosen to advance his career through selecting ‘good roles’ and is currently filming a sequel to Mallcop and will be starring alongside Emily Watson and Kevin James in the World War II-themed movie Little Boy, which will be released in October. It was during the latter through which Henrie discovered his latest passion — working behind the camera…” >>READ MORE




What Do Women Want?

To Every Guy Who’s Ever Wondered:

I think there has been a lot of misunderstanding. Everywhere I look, I see headlines and cover stories telling me all I never knew I wanted in a guy; none of it true. I find it ironic to pick up a magazine claiming to represent me as a female, only to discover that I disagree with nearly every item on the list of traits I supposedly find appealing in men. Magazines are notorious for offering to think and speak for us; providing the most up-to-date generalizations they can squeeze into a Top 10. And if we’re not buying into that glossy-paged misrepresentation, chances are we’ve resorted to the phrase, “Women don’t know what they want”. But I disagree, because that’s not the whole story.

Are we satisfied with nothing less than a GQ physique, six-figure paycheck, and a debonair presence comparable to that of the Old Spice guy? Sounds pretty nice, but women are lying to themselves if they say that’s all it takes. Question her further and you’ll see it in her eyes; she’ll never be satisfied with that man if he can’t make her feel known.

Back in high school, did we judge Prom night by a photo on the fridge or by the experience we had? “My date was rude, couldn’t hold a conversation, never asked me to dance, and ditched me for another group of friends. But he’s hot and everyone likes that photo of us! So it was a great night!” These are words you’ll never hear her say. Women look for people whose company they can actually enjoy. No woman aspires to find a man she can merely tolerate. What women really want… is one thing.

Women want to be convinced.

Guys have been receiving hand-me-down tips from veteran bachelors who tell them to flaunt their accomplishments, challenge her with indifference, and flatter her with unoriginal and empty compliments; meanwhile, she can see right through it. There were many men before you who confused us, distracted us, and misled us. Now we’re not so easily convinced. Sometimes, because of this, we become harder to get to know; but, lucky for you, we take love more seriously. We no longer have time for the attention-seeking men of our youth who won’t take life seriously; the men who speak only of themselves without asking about you; the men who would rather avoid hard work than make a difference. Instead, we’re looking for the men who are perceptive enough to form at least one honest compliment we can believe. We want the men who can inspire themselves to try again, and then actually have the willpower to follow through. We want men who are ready to embrace their full potential, instead of planning to acknowledge it one day. This, my friends, is what women want.

Women want a man to convince them that love is real, not by their logic, but by their presence. We don’t lie awake at night praying for a guy to come along and tell us what we want to hear; we pray for a man who will be able to awaken in us a cause to become more of ourselves. A man whose involvement can offer a basis with which to notice things we’ve never known before. She wants a reason to believe you’re different, and right now you have the opportunity to be that for her.

When you devote your lifestyle to pursuing qualities of enduring value, your heart will experience a peace it never knew possible. Be the man your potential allows you to be, and you’ll realize in the end, that’s all we ever wanted.

“Falling In Love Is Not The Greatest Adventure”


“I met my husband at the mall. We don’t have some romantic story of being high school sweethearts. We won’t ever be able to say that we were introduced by mutual friends, or that we met at church camp when we were 15. There were no mysterious drinks sent from across a crowded bar. Nope. I was selling clothes, and he was selling shoes, and one day I bought him a cookie. It was just that simple.

“I remember how I felt the first time I saw him. I thought he was adorable. He was quiet, and I was outgoing enough for the both of us. But looking back on what I know of him now, he made quite an effort to match my enthusiasm. (This was a hard feat even back then.) But seriously, my heart raced when I was around him. I made nervous comments, and did a bunch of awkward things that I wish I could take back, but all are a part of our story now.

“I remember falling in love with him. I remember exactly how it felt. It felt like the first time I ever saw a high-def TV. I know that’s probably the most random comparison, but everything seemed so much clearer, brighter, better around him. I didn’t remember what life was like before we met, and I really didn’t want to know what life would be like without him … “




A Reason For Your Hope


Beloved: Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who defame your good conduct in Christ may themselves be put to shame. For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the will of God, than for doing evil.

— 1 Peter 3: 15 – 18