#Blessed: Why It’s Not Gratitude If You Need To Advertise It On Social Media


“What are you truly thankful for?

“Each morning before my roommates and I go off to work, we sit at the dining table and chat. A few weeks ago, we noticed that we were being particularly negative, and these little morning meetings had transformed into gossip sessions.

“Not wanting to become the type to discuss people rather than ideas, we decided that each day, we would mention something we’re thankful for — that’s it. We don’t write a status update about our gratitude on Facebook, post daily to Instagram with a clever hashtag or even feel the need to share our thanks with anyone else, other than one another.

“I really dislike the hashtag trends — #30daysofgratitude or #100happydays – attached to daily photos or status updates on social media expressing positive thoughts. If participating in these trends brings a person peace and makes him or her smile, then I wouldn’t want to take away from that.

“However, in a society where we invest so much effort into curating our online selves, it seems impersonal and incredibly insincere. …” >>READ MORE





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