More Questions Than Answers

Silence is deeply connected with clarity. Perhaps that’s why we avoid it so. We don’t mind leaving the TV on as we roam the house, we put in a movie while we study, and we bring headphones when we go for a walk. We seem to have a continuous playlist on in the background of our day to day lives, When did we begin avoiding silence, and why?

Maybe we’re avoiding more than silence. Silence brings with it personal reflection, evaluation of decisions, and lots and lots of questions; but what we don’t stick around to notice, is that silence also provides answers. We’re too focused on the reminiscent shame, haunting loneliness, and heavy uncertainty that every time the room goes still, we won’t let go of the negativity to find the hope, peace, or answers we’ve been craving. So instead we drown it out.

We look for lyrics and movies to express our emotions for us. If we’re feeling too much, we drown out the sound of our thoughts with a workout playlist, or we pop in a movie to avoid feeling alone. Consider for me the option of sitting on the front porch with a drink, hiking through the woods with a camera, or lying flat on your bed to let your mind drift. Are you feeling depressed? Write about it. Are you feeling angry? Think it through and decide the state of mind that most allows you to move beyond it. Itching to celebrate? Pause in thanksgiving to glorify God for all that brought you to this gratitude.

There are other options to help you feel what you’re feeling, ways that will let you express yourself instead of letting someone else think and speak for you. Silence offers an opportunity for emotional closure. When we’ve thought things through, we decide that we can be who we need to be and move on.

Silence is an opportunity for a balanced perspective. A chance for your consciousness to find true reality within  the stillness of the present moment. This personal sanctuary, this private haven within the decorative walls of your mind, this is where your freedom of peace has been waiting all along. No wonder you’ve had more questions than answers; you  never allowed yourself  time to think it through. Any of it.

I hope you’ll remember to pause the day and contemplate what it all means. It’s healthy; it’s honest; it’s clarifying and refreshing. Silent reflection will allow you to extract more out of life than mere “going through the motions”. Perhaps silence is the missing piece you’ve been looking for in your life. So take the time to contemplate and philosophize.  Ponder the questions, explore your inspirations, and discover new answers. Make it simple. Make it rich. And make it worthwhile. Think about all this could do for your life.




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