GET FIT – 5 Simple Tips You’ve Been Missing

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  1. Drink obscene amounts of water; all day, every day. It’s annoying, I won’t deny that, but most of us are dehydrated, causing us to retain water in all the wrong places. When you hydrate like someone just rescued you from the desert, your body will shed all that unnecessary water, in trust that you will replace it as needed.Image   Image
  2. Low carb. No one likes it. But I’m telling you, if your not seeing results, you may want to take this one seriously. Eat tons of veggies and a satisfying portion of lean meats. You’ll finally feel full without feeling weighed down and tired. Do it. You’ll thank yourself later
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  3. Work your entire body. Spot reduction does not work, ever. And cardio alone is never enough. Do squats, leg lifts, push ups, weights, all of it. That’s the only way.a2bc3601bd6998dbce58f3692a3f0ab9   83720cea16d11e595b7af4b3655c0680
  4. Planks. Planks will do for you what other ab workouts cannot. It directly targets everywhere you hoped it would. Generic ab crunches can’t give you the same results that planks can. Just make sure you keep your back completely flat, your abs tight the whole time, and stay low, low, low. Watch an episode of The Office and plank for 20 seconds whenever Jim raises his eyebrows at the camera, or whenever Dwight calls himself “assistant regional manager”.
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  5. Stand up straight, and walk tall. Lift your ribs. Bring those shoulders back and down. Head tall, neck relaxed. I mean it; you don’t know how much more attractive you look when you do this. It doesn’t look weird; I know you think it does. Check the mirror if you don’t believe me. Just keep your muscles relaxed instead of stiff. And look, your middle shrinks. Imagine that.


ALSO:  Remember to find fitness motivation that suits your body type. We all have people in mind to inspire our ideal fitness goal, but what we forget is that we have different body types from different nationalities; therefore, our fitness goals look different in the end. If you’re going to make a Pinterest board for motivation, be sure to make it with people who share your body type.




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