“On Not Taking Your Anger Out On Others”


Friday, 5:52 pm: I was just in Penn Station (NYC) waiting in line to buy a ticket for NJ Transit at a ticket machine. While in line, a man came up behind me with a friend and he started (pretty loudly) telling his friend how much he hates lines because of how stupid people are. “So now we have to wait while they try to figure out how to use their credit cards, stick them in the slot, oh it doesn’t work this way, let’s try another way,” and on and on. Fine. I hate lines as much as the next person. I’ve spent my fair share of time when I was younger waiting in lines to buy a train ticket with a similar inner monologue thinking, “seriously, if I don’t catch this train because this person can’t figure out how to use the machine!”

So I get it, no one likes waiting. But the lady in front of me got up to the machine and it had to clear from the previous person’s transaction so she kept touching the screen waiting for it to start. Cue the guy behind me telling his friend, “See, she can’t even figure out how to touch it to make it start. C’mon,” then started making some sort of mocking handicapped noises to make fun of her. This is a grown man I’m talking about here, talking to another grown man. At least 45-years old. Now it takes a lot to get me actually mad, and I mean a lot. But for some reason this made me upset enough to turn around and tell him to try to be a little nicer and that he didn’t have to be so rude. In reality it wasn’t even the lady’s fault, it was the machine itself that was slow, he had just assumed she was incompetent because… I don’t know, she wasn’t him?

He could’ve responded to me turning around with, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I was just making a joke.” No, instead his response was, “I am never nice.” At that point his friend looked mortified… >>READ MORE



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