I think it’s important to take a moment out of each day in which you set everything aside to achieve complete freedom of thought and emotion. An honest collection of minutes in which you hold nothing back from yourself or your God. One moment to allow for complete loss of spiritual restraint. Find a place where you can be completely alone, completely yourself. Begin to unravel your mind, find everything you’ve never expressed and present it to your God. Feel all that you’ve tried not to feel. Say all that you’ve tried not to say. Let your mind exhale in complete honesty. Next, within each slow breath, allow yourself to settle into this pure, unbridled stillness, sinking slowly through layers upon layers of thought and emotion, until you reach this place of pure, untouched safety within your deepest self. A reality that transcends the ticking clock, or the haunting guilt, or the buzz of worry. A safe haven for your consciousness. A place beyond even the reach of emotion, a place where organized thoughts are deflected instead of entertained. An honest place of pure existence. Unforced, untimed, unapologetic, and unbound by human concern. Every intensity of your being is unlaced. Every emptiness filled. Every pain postponed here in this place. Here you are, with your God, within the secrecy of your Inner Room. The world is dimmed and perspective illuminated. Be with Him in uninterrupted simplicity, and FIND.


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