September 4 – Hints & Guesses

Mark your calendar, buy a rocking chair, and brew a fresh cup of something hot; September 4 is set to be a good day. My dear friend Alanna Boudreau will release her new album Hints & Guesses through iTunes on that lovely Thursday morning. Every song she writes is an experience you’re invited to share in. So find a quiet piece of nature, haul that rocking chair up there, and sip from that cup of just-how-you-like-it, as Alanna’s new album whispers peacefully through your headphones. You can hear the sound of her attentive heart as it extracts all the essence of careful thought, poured out into words and melodies.

Stay tuned to this blog throughout the next several days, as you will find my personal review of her new album before it premieres on September 4. And go ahead and find the lovely Alanna on Facebook by clicking right here. She’s a gem.

May your day be blessed,



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