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One Former Disney Star Who Is Not Taking Off His Clothes to Grow Up


“For many Disney Channel stars, who as teenagers starred in their own shows and recorded tracks for Hollywood records, the road to ‘adulthood’ is one that often equates sexuality with maturation. Although Miley Cyrus may be the most extreme example of this phenomena, those who have followed this script have included High School Musical alumni Zac Efron (who appeared pulling up his shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone around the time the film’s sequel premiered) and his co-star Vanessa Hudgens, who acted with other Disney prodigy Selena Gomez in last year’s risqué Spring Breakers.

“This is not, however, the path of David Henrie, who fomerly acted alongside Gomez on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’ Recently the filmmaker of the new short ‘Catch,’ Henrie told The Christian Post last week that maturing in Hollywood did not imply that child and teen actors hoping to reshape their careers had to go to extreme lengths to alienate former fans.

“‘I think everyone as they transition out of a younger show wants to transition into a career of acting unless you didn’t like acting and you don’t want to do that anymore,’ explained Henrie. ‘You have to transition out of it and that comes with doing older, more mature roles, but that doesn’t mean doing crazy things that just insult your audience. Your audience has to grow with you.’

“Henrie, 24, said that he had chosen to advance his career through selecting ‘good roles’ and is currently filming a sequel to Mallcop and will be starring alongside Emily Watson and Kevin James in the World War II-themed movie Little Boy, which will be released in October. It was during the latter through which Henrie discovered his latest passion — working behind the camera…” >>READ MORE