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Hi, I’m Julianna.

Perhaps you want a little context in which to better understand what and why I write. I write about things that I pray about; and in an effort to better understand God, I try to pray often. I am very inquisitive in my prayers, and the Lord answers me differently every time. Sometimes I don’t notice His answers at all until much later, but the more I seek, the more I find. I cannot get enough of God. When I experience His truth in a new way, I like to explore the full of it. I like to examine what I learn about Him from every angle, until it blossoms to reveal more truth. When I am inspired by His love, amazed at His truth, or awestruck with His mercy, I am compelled with an unquenchable thirst to seek more of Him and understand Him further. I am so convinced of His existence and love that words fall short. And with that, all I want is to invest deeper into the most fulfilling and perfect love I’ve ever known. There is no happiness comparable to the joy that has flooded my soul just to know the Lord. My Catholic faith has brought more joy to my life than anything else I’ve tried. As I continue getting to know the Lord, even the most devastating days have meaning. I have learned so much in these 23 years, and the wellspring will never run dry. My heart is happily attentive; Holy Spirit, don’t hold back.


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I have an insatiable curiosity to discover joy in everything.

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